Robyn Thomas

Co-Founder of Sivatantra Yoga

Drop Back Tutorial

Robyn Thomas | 8 min | Level 4

Take a moment to focus a bit of time on the idea of dropping back, falling and catching yourself, by...Read More

Slow Flow: Bija Mantra Flow

Robyn Thomas | 60 min | Level 3

Bija or seed sounds hold the essence of language and express the energetic vibration from its' source. In this practice, we use the vowel ...Read More


Power Flow: The AHA Moment

Robyn Thomas | 93 min | Level 3

Explore how to create the conditions for an epiphany to occur. Build power through the energy of...Read More


Yinyasa | Let Your Self Be Full

Robyn Thomas | 60 min | Level 2

 Often we are most aware of our limitations as humans. However, ultimately we are capable of directing our focus inwards in such a way that we begin to feel instead our unlimited potential. ..Read More

Fallen Dancers

Robyn Thomas | 6 minutes | Difficulty Level 4

Simple and short demonstration on how to transition a classic bow pose variation from belly to chest, into a beautiful posture...Read More

Yinyasa | Will, Knowledge, Action

Robyn Thomas | 52 minutes | Level 2

Observe the experience of effort as a means of engaging with the energy of will to inform knowledge and choose the appropriate action. ...Read More


Robyn Thomas | 40 min | Level 2

A 40-minute practice focused on mobilizing and strengthening the shoulders to promote functional and healthy joints....Read More

Power Flow | I AM THIS

Robyn Thomas | 75 min | Level 3

 When we step onto the mat we step into a space where we can cultivate a true sense of awareness related to self. From here, the work is in accepting what shows up....Read More

Tick Tock Tutorial

Robyn Thomas | 6 min | Level 3

Learn about one way to grade the intimidating practice of the infamous tick tock using a prop. Taking your time, focusing on control...Read More

Power Flow: Find Your Center

Robyn Thomas | 80 min | Level 3

 In order to feel grounded in the creative energy and flow of life, we need to find our center. Regardless of the constant unfolding...Read More

Meditation | Who Am I?

Robyn Thomas | 15 min | Level 1

Use pranayama and mantra Ko Hum to drop in and answer one of the most commonly asked questions of the Self...and More

Meditation | Whole Being

Robyn Thomas | 15 min | Level 1

The world is a manifested expression of dynamic, pulsating, creative energy. Aligning with it in this Jappa meditation can draw awareness to it and provide opportunity for embodied connection in being part of this.

...Read More

Bask in the Energy of Shakti

Robyn Thomas | 13 min | Level 1

The experience of feeling limited is a human condition. So is feeling alone or separate from the world. However, Tantric philosophy provides...Read More