Marisa Krol

Instructor | Peg City Yoga

Will to Soar

Marisa Krol | 50 min | Level 3

This vigorous and empowering practice will draw awareness to connecting to core strength and create essential openings in the body to...Read More

The Essence of Intention

Marisa Krol | 40 min | Level 2

A fluid heart and hip opening practice exploring the power behind the will of the heart. Cultivate the space within your practice to witness the true essence at the heart of your intentions, your sankalpa. ...Read More


Marisa Krol | 50 min | Level 3

Through churning and pulsating movements in the hips, this fluid and rhythmic Vinyasa practice will leave you feeling limitless and free! ...Read More

Rise to Grace

Marisa Krol | 70 min | Difficulty Level 3

A grounding Vinyasa practice exploring key actions and alignment to set a strong foundation in order to rise and flow with grace.
...Read More

Kosha Meditation

Marisa Krol | 8 min | Level 1

The Kosha's are energetic layers, or bodies, each one interconnected and woven together, creating a wholistic sense of existence....Read More

Crow Tutorial

Marisa Krol | 13 min | Level 2

Explore key actions, alignment principles, and postures to open and set the body for flight into Bakasana - Crow Pose. ....Read More

Intuitive Body

Marisa Krol | 47 minutes | Difficulty Level 2

Guided by the third eye -the center of intuition- this dynamic hip opening Vinyasa flow will navigate an intuitive approach in order to lay the course for self-guided practice....Read More

Anahata Chakra

Marisa Krol | 60 min | Difficulty Level 2

An intimate heart opening Yinyasa style of practice pairing dynamic Vinyasa with deeply restorative postures to inspire balance in the heart space. ...Read More