The Rise and Shine

Noah Krol | 50 min | Level 2

This practice is a great way to start the day! It starts out slow to create space in which we can build and move Prana through the body leaving us energized and focused for the day ahead.

Rooted in Will

Noah Krol | 50 min | Level 3

A steady building vinyasa practice that explores the stability and structure of our physical body as means of connecting to the steady presence of Universal Consciousness.

This dynamic, rhythmic practice explores the contrast of opposing forces and reference points to bring awareness to the ever present center from which they arise.

Handstand Tutorial

Noah Krol | 9 min | Level 3

This workshop-style tutorial is aimed at bringing greater awareness of how we engage the foundation of the hands so we can stack the joints of the body in such a way that Handstanding becomes more and more accessible.

This tutorial aims to offer some simple stretches to open the wrists range of motion.
This is a great daily more

Muladhara Kriya

Noah Krol | 10 min | Level 1

This is a breakdown of the Muladhara Kriya and how it can be used within any style of practice or as a supplement exercise down outside of Asana practice