Full Length Classes

Energize your Day

Alice Hong | 30 min | Level 1

A short and powerful practice to get energized for your day. Perfect for morning or mid day when you want to add a boost of vitality...Read More

Get Grounded

Alice Hong | 30 min | Level 1

5 Poses to help you get grounded. Feel calmer before a big day ahead, use it as a mid-day recharge...Read More

Eka Pada Koundinyasana 2

Alice Hong | 35 min | Level 3

Eka Pada Koundinyasana is an arm balance that requires strength and dedication. This practice...Read More

No Frills

Alice Hong | 50 min | Level 1-2

This “No Frills” practice is a collection of classic poses that provide a solid Foundation for any level of practice..Read More

Heart Intelligence

Alice Hong | 60 min | Level 2

We spend a lot of time navigating life from our minds and attending to the needs of our physical bodies. Where we tend to have...Read More 

Sweet Slow Flow

Alice Hong | 60 min | Level 2

A well-rounded class that flows at a steady and spacious pace. Move easefully through this....Read More