Classes around 1 hour long

Sorted by Difficulty - Low to High

Law of Gender

Lindsey Park - Level 1 - 60 min

We spend a lot of time navigating life from our minds and attending to the needs of our physical bodies. Where we tend to have...Read More 

Deepen Your Roots

Lindsey Park - Level 1 - 60 min

This asana practice will guide you back to your roots and connect you with Muladhara Chakra, while grounding your energy and creating...Read More

Commit to Self - Restorative

Noelle Bovon - Level 1 -60 min

Use this practice as a time to replenish, to restore a fatigued body & mind, to unravel from the day-to-day and find gentle...Read More

Standing Poses

Sam Lloyd - Level 1 - 60 min

The basis of Iyengar Yoga - strength and stability before flexibility. Standing poses strengthen the body....Read More 

Balanced Focus

Sam Lloyd - Level 1 - 60 min

A balanced life is not determined by how smooth things are going, it's about developing the inner calm that keeps you balanced even when life gets rocky....Read More 

Shoulders and Hips

Sam Lloyd - Level 1 - 60 min

These major junctions of the body create abundant support and freedom for the body
when working optimally...Read More

Deep Unwinding

Noah Krol - Level 1 - 60 min

A slow, gentle practice with a focus on unwinding long standing connective tissue patterns through the use of simple repetitive movement and long specific holds.

A Practice for the Assymetric Body

Suzette O'Byrne - Level 1 - 60 min

Whether we are born asymmetric or we develop imbalances left and right, asymmetric issues can cause pain, injury, and fatigue...Read More 

Be Steady, Be Patient

Noah Krol - Level 2 - 60 Min

A slow, progressive practice working towards deeper openings in the hips and shoulders Content: Hip openers, Shoulder openers, Seated and Supine poses